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Richie Mandell You Got Me Rare Near Mint Northern Soul Promo 45 Original Sleeve

Richie Mandell You Got Me Rare Near Mint Northern Soul Promo 45 Original Sleeve

  Specifications Material   Food grade metal&glass Coil   Vertical...
  • INA
  • 45

Product Description




 Food grade metal&glass


 Vertical ceramic coil



Oil hole 

 4 * 2.0 mm 


 1.40 ohm 


 0.5/1.0 ML


 510 thread

Air type 

 Bottom type 


 Metal/Press tip



Product Description

  1. Disposable pod device requires no maintenance, charging or refilling.
  2. Pre-filled, no need for messy refills.
  3. Salt Nicotine 5.5%, 5MG and 20MG Salt Nic inside for an accurate cigarette-style throat hit.
  4. 400+ puffs per pod, approximately equivalent to 40 cigarettes.
  5. Compact and Portable.
  6. Available in Cool Mint, Lush ICE, Mango, Blue Raz, Watermelon, Peach Ice, Banana Ice and Blueberry Ice.


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